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We have set up some Telegram groups for ‘A human future’ discussions. Please, join us and share your ideas.

Education: https://t.me/ScottishUnity_Education

Health: https://t.me/ScottishUnity_Health

Law: https://t.me/ScottishUnity_Law

Media: https://t.me/ScottishUnity_Media

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Saving Scotland Scottish Unity is a non-political grassroots movement. We comprise regional groups across Scotland who have come together following the events of March 2020 . Our shared goal is freedom for the people of Scotland to live, work and thrive in a positive society that treats all people equally.

The movement formed spontaneously across Scotland due to the devastating effects lockdown had on society.

  • Significant increases in non covid-19 related health issues, most of which remain untreated,
  • Huge instability in peoples work and businesses,
  • Weakening of smaller and local businesses, to the benefit of large corporates
  • Severe limitations on seeing and supporting family members especially the elderly
  • The severe neglect of children’s well-being and education

to name but a few.

We don’t consent to the attempt to restrict basic freedoms under the cover of the Coronavirus Act. We continue to support the peaceful gatherings at Holyrood, large crowds objecting to these draconian measures and the terrible impact on lives and livelihoods.

The movement comprises people from many professions and backgrounds, with a wide variety of skills and experience. This creates opportunities to challenge the debilitating decisions of recent months, and hold both individuals and organisations to account. We focus not only to insist upon our freedoms, but on the wider goals to build a better Scotland from the grass-roots up – improve health, environment, economy and education.

If any of the issues above are important to you we welcome you to get involved!