We are committed to a four pillar manifesto as detailed below:


Access to basic health care for all
Retain and protect rights to bodily autonomy and medical freedom
Government education on natural and nutritional health
Access to clean water, nutritious food and sanitation
Medical professionals forum for open informed debate to assess, question and decide upon approaches to medical treatment without the imposition of commercial or political incentives
Safeguards for our vulnerable and elderly who need a wholistic approach to care not dictated by policy makers alone


Regional or National technology adoption must be endorsed with informed consent. The public must receive full and detailed information and the potential benefits economic or societal and any potential health risks. There must be an opportunity for open debate and public opinion to drive such decisions.
There must be nationwide approaches to waste and consumer management which are sustainable and support Scotland to become a rich provider or much of its own produce and consumables.


All children should have equal access to a predictable and appropriate education experience
Technology should not be the barrier to the quality of education received
Education should provide an environment from which all young people develop their basic social, verbal and no verbal communication skills, empathy and awareness of others outside of the family
Education should support all family units and encourage the links between education and family
Education syllabus should not be the domain of global governance bodies but should be built locally around academic principles and outcomes and values which enrich and support a positive society for all


Manage the impact of the multinational business within a thriving local economy, buy local, grow local, live local
To support a thriving Scottish economy which creates innovative ways for us to live sustainably and in harmony with people and the environment