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The response to Covid-19 has seen people locked down, businesses shut and behaviours, such as wearing masks, mandated. It was supposed to be three weeks; it’s now more than seven months, with no end in sight. Yet there are no excessive deaths and hospitals are not full. How can a ‘deadly’ pandemic be said to sweep the country?

We may have to entertain the possibility that there is more to this situation than just coronavirus. There could be an attempt to re-shape your life, your family’s lives and the lives of ordinary people in the interests of others. Using a virus and manipulated data as an excuse.

The Save Scotland – Edinburgh Group is part of a network – Scottish Unity – that opposes the locking-down of people, the ineffective use of masks, the deprivation of health care to the sick and the destruction of jobs and businesses under the name of protecting us from a virus that is no more severe than flu.

Join the movement to protect Scotland from having a way of life imposed upon it that tramples on our basic rights, discards our traditions and strangles our livelihoods.

Send an email to for ways to get involved.
Or if not in Edinburgh, email

Resist the New Abnormal

Saturday November the 28th –
Celebrate St Andrew’s Day with a Ceilidh

The New Abnormal forbids gathering. It forbids dancing. It forbids fun!

Protest this dreary state of affairs by coming together with others to celebrate Scottish culture, dancing and enjoyment.
At Holyrood, outside the Scottish Parliament, join with musicians, performers and people who are not going to accept the grey, sanitised life the government is constructing for us.

Dr Michael Yeadon (seen above on Talk Radio) is the former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant. In this podcast with journalist James Delingpole, Dr Yeadon does not pull his punches about the misinformation and incompetence of SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies). Having worked with Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, he has no qualms in accussing him of outright deception. Powerful stuff.

Official data is “exaggerating” the current risk posed by Covid-19, a coalition of almost 500 senior doctors and scientists warned on Saturday, claiming talk of a second wave is “misleading”.
As reported in The Telegraph and on social media, academics have convened to write a letter opposing the ‘science’ behind England’s second lockdown. Particularly as the issue with tests producing many false positives has not been resolved.

The Scottish hospitality industry is being strangled with restrictions. Tens of thousands of jobs are under threat, despite low transmission rates and the virus being little threat to over 99% of the population. However, five bodies representing the trade are fighting back. They are taking the Scottish government to court in an attempt to save the sector and the jobs in it.

Liverpool gym owner, Nick Whitcombe, defied the Tier 3 restrictions imposed on the city, and, despite being visited by armed police, managed to stay open. Brian Rose of London Real interviews the local businessman on why he felt the data showed a lockdown was unnecessary and how these restrictions were undermining his customers’ mental health.

How legal is the lockdown? How legal are our laws? And how much is just bluff, trickery and passive acceptance? UK Column examine some of the issues thrown-up by the exercise of Common Law.

Times of crisis spur better speeches. The Conservative rebel, Charles Walker, speaks out against his own party and the forces that are promoting a second lockdown.

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