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Top Medical Journal – This should be over now.

In a world where the mainstream media did not promote fear or people were not so easily manipulated, where all individuals sifted arguments and evidence to find Truth, and lived it, this current situation would be back to normal. The Good, Old Normal.

On November 13th, The British Medical Journal, the UK’s most respected medical publication, released an article that was a devastating indictment of the Coronavirus response by all those in a position of power. It explains how scientists, medical professionals and politicians have suppressed the truth about Covid-19, and its associated practises, for private gain and unclear political agendas. Those in charge continue to whip-up fear for their own ends, misrepresenting data which was acquired by already suspect methods, so charges the writer of the piece, BMJ Executive Editor Kamran Abbasi.

The article asserts that ‘Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain’. Furthermore, the ‘medical-political complex’, the alliance of politicians and medical professionals, is being ‘manipulated’ by people at the very top. Nor does it stop there. From medical experts who have financial investments in areas over which they have great influnece, to government advisors who are both unqualified for their positions and who also have monetary interests in specific government policies, the entire decision making process and the people involved in it are known to be suspect. They are dubious in their partiality; compromised in the objectivity of their conclusions, and questionable in their recommendations. Summarising, the article states that this network do not have the needs of people, medicine or science at heart. To be blunt, ‘people are dying’ because of them.

These are stunning accusations from a journal that is the foundation stone of public medicine and research in the UK. The British Medical Journal provides the gold standard for ethics and peer-reviewed medical science. When it claims corruption, other agendas and the suppression of scientific truth, we all should listen. Read the article here.

Is it time to think about your response to the abuse of science, medicine and people?
Elderly neighbours are isolated in houses. Family members are quarantined in care homes. Teenagers are being forced to wear ineffective masks at school. Dangerously ill people are being denied care. And families are being pushed into poverty. Most of it unnecessary, while others, perhaps some of those whom we have trusted to steer us through this crisis, enjoy, or look to enjoy, quite beneficial outcomes.

The Save Scotland – Edinburgh Group is part of a network – Scottish Unity – that opposes the locking-down of people, the ineffective use of masks, the deprivation of health care to the sick and the destruction of jobs and businesses under the name of protecting us from a virus that is no more severe than flu.

Join the movement to protect Scotland from having a way of life imposed upon it that tramples on our basic rights.

Send an email to contact@edinburgh-resistance2020.org for ways to get involved.
Or if not in Edinburgh, email contact@ScottishUnity.org

Resist the New Abnormal

Saturday November the 28th –
Celebrate St Andrew’s Day with a Ceilidh

The New Abnormal forbids gathering. It forbids dancing. It forbids fun!

Protest this dreary state of affairs by coming together with others to celebrate Scottish culture, dancing and enjoyment.
At Holyrood, outside the Scottish Parliament, join with musicians, performers and people who are not going to accept the grey, sanitised life the government is constructing for us.

Politicians and governments are suppressing science. They do so in the public interest, they say, to accelerate availability of diagnostics and treatments. They do so to support innovation, to bring products to market at unprecedented speed. Both of these reasons are partly plausible; the greatest deceptions are founded in a grain of truth. But the underlying behaviour is troubling…” Incredible article in The British Medical Journal.

In March 2019, we were told ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ and save the NHS. The vast majority of people complied with the request and supported the sentiment. However, the suspension of medical treatment for months due to an expected wave of COVID-19 patients has left hundreds of thousands of people in the UK waiting for treatment, in some cases live-saving treatment. This is despite admissions being steeply down on previous years. People waiting over a year has also increased.

Dr Michael Yeadon (seen above being interviewed by the independent journalist Anna Brees) is the former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant. In this YouTube video, Dr Yeadon does not pull his punches about the misinformation and incompetence of SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies). He has no qualms in accussing the government of outright deception. Powerful stuff.

Is one of the world’s richest men beginning to become suspicious about the competency of the PCR tests that check for COVID-19? It’s not the first time the SpaceX founder has questioned the reality of the ‘pandemic’ and the truth behind the statistics that have been broadcast over the past few months.

Are masks worse than ineffective? Are they in fact damaging to people’s health? Published experiments suggest that the large droplets of fluid masks are intended to retain are instead broken down in the mask. As smaller droplets, they escape the mask, travel longer in the air and are therefore more likely to infect people. Masks also lead to increased risk of re-infection, threaten oxygen levels, and repress the immune system. Why would anyone wear one? People will have to answer that for themselves.

One of Scotland’s top restauranteurs, Tom Kitchin, who’s based in Edinburgh at Leith Shore, has called on greater help for the hospitality industry. Venues’ inability to serve alcohol whilst lacking any government support for their costs means they are running at a massive loss. Edinburgh’s L’Escargot Restaurants are at 14% of 2019 turnover so far this year.

How legal is the lockdown? How legal are our laws? And how much is just bluff, trickery and passive acceptance? UK Column examines some of the issues thrown-up by the exercise of Common Law.
The Articles of Common Law have already been used by business owners to remain open and avoid fines by local council officers.
There is a rich heritage of common law in Scotland and it guarantees people their rights and privileges.

As opposition grows to lockdowns and their disastrous consequences, it is worth remembering that you can join us at Holyrood, the first Saturday of every month to resist the imposition of these policies on Scotland.

The former Chair of Microbiology at Mainz University, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, breaks down the facts and figures of the Covid-19 ‘epidemic’. He has spent his life, over fifty years, researching infectious disease and has been a professor for over thirty years. He has decided to speak out against the false narrative of the coronavirus.

What’s Left? One of the surprising things about this whole situation is how the political Left has fallen in-step with a Conservative government removing freedoms and tanking the economy, while the greatest transfer of wealth in human history goes from poor to rich. You might have thought that Left-Wing politicians would have something to say about that! Apparently not.

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