In this section we share any letters, fliers, information which we think can be broadly helpful.
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Here are some friendly places we love

Health Professionals supporting medical choice and informed consent.

myplantsmyhealth is a useful website that lists all the natural things one can do to boost one’s immune system or fight a COVID infection.

World Council for Health: A practical approach to keeping healthy after your Covid-19 jab


Covid pass exemptions

Equality Act 2010

Buy exemption lanyards

Vaccine adverse events

UK: Government yellow card / UK Column analysis

US: Vaers system

EU: AstraZeneca / Moderna / Pfizer



Letter to teachers – Children & C-19 vaccines

For everyone understandly concerned for the welfare of their children amidst the rushed vaccine rollout and extensionthereof to children, this letter may be helpful for you. 

Drafted with medical and legal expertise, it sets out to your school your instructions as regards your children, and the surrounding legal framework, responsibilities and precedents.

Please note this does not constitute legal advice or create any solicitor-client relationship.

Exemption Challenge Letter

This template can help you write a letter to a business if you have been refused service or had a bad experience while not wearing a face covering.
It does not constitute legal advice or create any solicitor-client relationship.

Letter to the Police

This PDF is an open letter to the police asking them two simple questions. It contains information that is freely available but sadly not widely publicised. Keep a copy with you when you’re out and about or send to your local station.

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