Lord and Peasant

Or it might be ‘epsilon’ instead of ‘peasant’ or it may be ‘prole’; whatever term is deployed by our hauteur ‘masters’, it is one that will remind the addressed that they are of a lower social, cultural and economic status than the speaker. It is probably optimistic to say that the addresse would be a second-class citizen; probably optimistic to say even a third-class citizen. The direction of travel already shows a canyon of privileges, rights and power exist between the richest and poorest in the world that several gradated classes can be traced between top and bottom. They now simply have to be ossified into a permanent hierarchy, each with their own rules, and people taught their particular station in life, the swelling preponderance of humans located at the bottom. Lockdown has been the most obvious, but not the first step in this process

These actions are part of the often-discussed ‘Great Reset’, a top down revolution publicly fronted by the World Economic Forum, which is completely open about its intentions and is well on the way to implementing this ‘reconfiguring’ of global society. The consequences, if attained, will be the end of a democratic, meritocracy: people will have to make do with much less; they will no longer be striving to accumulate power and status, or perhaps more accurately for most people, a better standard of life and opportunities for their children. Expectations of what you or your children can be or do, will be limited from here on forwards. Justified on the grounds of sustainability and the environment. Although, given the reforms not taken and inventions not used, this appears more as a convenient veneer, when it is in fact an elite group ensuring that all innovation and control of resources will be in their hands and theirs alone, expropriating power in order to take a step to the future – back to a familiar Medieval past.  

Unlike the feudalism of previous centuries, this neo-feudalism will be a bio-techno one. It will integrate spheres of life – monetary, genomic, health, travel, military, environmental and more – using futuristic means and bringing them all, along with the human population, under global governance. Given the use of advanced technology, the range and detail of control, combined with an enveloping censorship, dominance is likely to be far more intimate than in previous societies. There’ll be no escaping to a forest to live freely as a brigand or take to the open seas, roaming widely as a pirate. ‘Freedom’, as understood for centuries, will be a misnomer.

Integrating humanity with a digital world may have idealistic overtures of happiness and harmony, all moderated through a digi-bio-tech apparatus, yet it might be worth pointing out that the system will be designed by Someone Else. It will be controlled by Someone Else. And the price of societal aims, objectives defined by that small group of people is the sacrifice of the individual alongside his or her desires and dreams. Perhaps, not so terrible if our new leaders are to be enlightened and benevolent? However, the conceivers of this coming state, through their actions throughout the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’, which betray a withering contempt for humanity, destroy any hope of this.

As illustrated over the past nine months, the midwives birthing this New World are Lies, Half-Truths, Deception, Fear-Mongering and Invasive-Monitoring and, as its parents, they indicate its likely future development. Their use in this entire affair only confirms the underlying premise of the Elite: people are obedient, conformist, superstitious, frightened and irrational. With such assumptions about the populace, it seems very unlikely that a non-hierarchical, egalitarian, enlightened society is being prepared.

The justification for this re-making of everything? It is very similar to the same reasons given by the Medieval Catholic Church which too sought to subsume the individual in parallel with repressing genuine scientific enlightenment – human beings are avaricious, aggressive, manipulative and violent. Building on these postulates, the new regime structure could very well look like an Ancient Regime, updated.

If that’s the case, then we, The People, had better get used to our new nomenclature whether ‘peasant’, ‘epsilon’, ‘prole’ or worse. 

Or start resisting.